The Mortal

None of them would understand. What you have here, in this dark and secret place, it’s beautiful. They’d warn you that this sort of beauty is dangerous, like a raging fire. Well some things are worth getting burned for.

Love has eclipsed all hope. And the dark has left you feeling beautiful.

Choose a name:

Anne, Carla, Deirdre, James, Jonathan, Leena, Patrick, Robin, Shen, Timothy, Wendy

A common name, a soft-sounding name, a pretty name, an unadorned name

Choose one in each list:

quiet, desperate, awkward, beautiful, displaced

doe eyes, sad eyes, darting eyes, nervous eyes, human eyes

Choose one:

new kid in town, kid next door, your barista, someone’s girlfriend, someone’s boyfriend, nobody

Starting Stats

Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile -1, Dark 1


The Mortal always declares their backstory last. Declare one person to be your lover. Give them three Strings on you. Take one String on them.

Mortal Moves

You get this one, and choose two more:

X True Love
You always have exactly one lover. The first is chosen during your backstory. If you ever fall in love with someone else instead, give them a String and they become your new lover. You always carry 1 forward to earning your lover’s heart or fancy.

O Mess With Me, Mess With Him
When you use your lover’s name as a threat, add 2 to your roll to shut someone down or hold steady. Your lover gains a String on you.

O Sympathy is My Weapon
Every time you forgive someone for hurting you, and excuse their base nature, take a String on them.

O Excuses Are My Armour
When you ignore some blatant problem with your lover or how they treat you, mark experience.

O Downward Spiral
When you gaze into the abyss, you may cause yourself 1 harm. If you do, add 2 to your roll.

O Down the Rabbit Hole
When you go poking your nose in affairs not meant for your kind, someone involved in the situation gains a String on you, and you mark experience.

O Entrenched
If you and another character have a total of 5 or more Strings on one another, gain 1 to all rolls against them.

Sex Move

When you have sex with someone, trigger their Darkest Self.

Darkest Self

Nobody understands you, or even wants to. They’d rather you disappear. Well, you’re not going to disappear. You’re going to make life a living hell for them. You’ll betray the wicked to the judges, the weak to the executioners. You’ll pit humans and supernaturals against one another, until everyone looks like monsters. Only seeing the pain that you’re causing your lover will let you escape your Darkest Self.


O Take another Mortal move.
O Take another Mortal move.
O Take a move from another Skin.
O Take a move from another Skin.
O Take a move from another Skin.
O Add 1 to Hot (max 3).
O Add 1 to Cold (max 3).
O Add 1 to Volatile (max 3).
O Add 1 to Dark (max 3).

Playing The Mortal

Vulnerable, codependent, magnetic, beautiful. The mortal is all about benefiting from codependency, and racking up experience.

For anybody else, giving away a String would represent a loss of control. For you, it’s more symbiotic – you get power by giving it away.

You don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship with someone to declare them your True Love.

Mess With Me, Mess With Him allows you to escape your current problem by creating potential future problems for yourself (by giving more power to your lover). The hidden benefit here is that you’re better equipped to deal with your lover’s problems than you are anyone else’s.

Entrenched gives you a concrete benefit for giving away Strings. So long as you and another character have 5 Strings between one another (perhaps you have 1 on them, and they have 4 on you), you prosper.

Your Sex Move might seem negative, but remember: The Mortal benefits from victim-hood. Their Darkest Self transition need not be immediate – it could take place an hour after you leave their place, for example.

The Mortal

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